Blue Carrera Marble Seashell Sink



This clam shell bathroom vessel sink is a replica of a Tridacna Gigas Shell.
Tridacna Gigas Shells are found in the reefs of the South Pacific Ocean. Clam shell hand textures and colors. Looks very natural and realistic. Clam shell crevices and nooks shadowing is spot on realistic. 
These shells have been used since the beginning of Man for a variety of applications.
This vessel is made out of high density cast stone. It has been sealed with a Matte finish to retain its natural finish. It is very stain resistant and will be durable for many years to come.
Drain is standard size for a variety of pop ups. Will work with numerous vessel faucets.

This shell is custom made with blacks, grays, and white. Concentration and veins are unique to each piece. In warm light it looks more white. In natural and cool light the shell looks different as well. 

Sink Measures: 22.5” x 13.5” x 6.0” 1” 5/8 
pop up.


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